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Who we are

Big Change is an international charity that provides a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices, which facilitates the development and practical use of methods for social rehabilitation and social integration of children in care.

Big Change methods and approaches are widely recognized by the professional community and by the relevant regulatory agency as effective tools for organization of the inclusive education programs.

The Big Change team works hard to bring together people with shared values and goals committed to improving lives of Russian children in care.

What We Do

We assist orphans in acquiring learning skills and social skills. We encourage personal development and encourage our students to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions.

Educational Center

The Big Change Educational Center in Moscow focuses on social rehabilitation and social integration of Russian children in care. Educational Program is designed to assist young people in adjusting to the life in the outside world, help them successfully integrate into society, and learn the skills of setting and achieving personal goals. Our students are the children children in care and care leavers; they are of different age, background and educational levels. We develop individual educational plans for each student based on their personal goals, skills, and circumstances.

Resource Center

The Big Change Resource Center was created for the purpose of sharing knowledge and expertise within our professional community and support dissemination and broader use of the programs, methods, and guidelines developed in our organization.

First Call Hotline

The First Call Hotline service provides assistance and information to those calling Big Change for help.

Monday through Thursday
10 am to 6 pm
Tel: +7 (926) 203-14-14
Email: 1.zvonok@bigchange.ru


Irina Ryazanova,

Big Change Founder and Executive Director

Members of the Big Change Board of Trustees share our values and ensure that our work and goals are in line with the vision, mission, and values of the organization. We works together to develop the organization strategies, make key administrative and financial decisions. The Board of Trustees includes top managers of Russian and International companies, business owners, and senior managers of non for profit organizations.

Big Change

Big Change

Get involved

Volunteers are always welcome at Big Change!
How to help:

  • organize fundraising event
  • provide pro-bono professional services
  • donate consumer goods for Educational Center

Please contact Irina Maseeva for additional info: iemaseeva@bigchange.ru